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How does Metis / CloudNine.0 work?

The system which makes the online applications available, is based on the ingenious Metis platform. This platform interprets your company data and assembles the requested functionality at the time when you need it. The actual software of the Metis platform therefore does not contain any substantive or content information. Neither does the database structure. This eliminates the cost for software and database maintenance for the customer, and allows for changes to be processed ‚Äč‚Äčimmediately.


Building a functionality is done with CloudNine.0, a local program that allows the user to build the desired application without writing one line of code. The unique concept of CloudNine.0 allows the user to model the requested functionality, insert it as a functional block and upload to the Metis online platform, where the application is immediately made available.

This way CloudNine.0 provides the customer with the means to easily and quickly develop applications. Knowledge of the functionality is the only requirement: if you know what you want, you can immediately start creating objects.

Once the definition of the objects is done, you can upload information to the Metis platform. The platform interprets all the information. When the application is started, the information is sent via the Metis platform to the web browser of the user (GUI).

The information of the Object Model consists of object views (detail of an item), list-views (overview), filter-views (search) and the actions that can be performed (such as reporting, sending of emails, perform planned registrations ,...). The GUI interprets the data and displays the application exactly the way you created it.

In the following movie you get to see how this works.

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