Task Manager

To execute a multitude of tasks in an orderly and timely manner, a reliable tracking system is necessary to ensure that every task is assigned to the right person, that this task is implemented, and - if necessary – that the task is then checked. In particular with multiple sources from which tasks can arise (meetings, requests for documents or materials, ...), such a system is very useful.

The standard Task Management module in Metis ensures that everyone can follow his or her tasks by using one a personal list, namely My List. This list is drawn from all the tasks assigned to that person, regardless of where they originate from (quality, internal processes, environment, ...).

Furthermore there is also a My Reported Tasks which shows the list of created tasks and facilitates monitoring the correct and timely execution of each task.

This is only the basis of the standard Task Management module which of course carries many more possibilities, such as for example 

  • an automatic transmission of e-mails to remind about outstanding tasks,
  • Various reports regarding personnel, entities, functions, etc. with a clear evolution over time for new, open, closed and overdue tasks.
  • Setting to determine whether or not the task performed must be submitted to the creator of the task for verification, etc.
  • Ability to synchronize with Outlook tasks.

This application can be configured for each user or group of users by setting access rights to fields and functions. You can also define your own procedures for modifying or creating data through the workflow module.

Another interesting feature is the MobTop (Mobile/ Desktop), which keeps the user continuously synchronized with his Lists and allows to quickly check off tasks as "done".

Building on the existing features, Flexisle can further add specific functions for your organization to the Task Management module on request.

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