Operational Continuity Manager (OCM)

This application provides an answer to the question:

How do I manage my department or office as efficiently as possible to ensure that all necessary tasks are carried out correctly and on time?

Distribution and allocation of responsibilities and mandates deserves the necessary attention and follow-up in any company, and is typically a task for a department head. The Office Management application on the Metis Platform can support this task.

Let us take the example of a department head which has identified 100 periodically repeated  tasks in his department such as preparation of invoices, updating personnel-related matters (personnel planning sick leave, holiday arrangements, ...), provision of adequate office supplies, etc. Once these tasks have been assigned to the relevant staff, it is not the wish of the head of the department to monitor these tasks on an daily basis. Only in case of a problem with the execution of the task, the head of the department wants to be notified accordingly.

The VB&T application on Metis allows the head of the department to identify these tasks and to delegate them to the relevant employees. It may also define how many days each task should be open, when a reminder email should be sent, and when the head of department should be informed.

Based on the tasks inserted by the head of the department, the VB&T application provides the relevant staff with the necessary structures to manage each of their tasks in a transparent manner. This is supported by the MobTop [MOBTOP] which facilitates individual planning and execution of daily or weekly tasks.

When a task is not executed on time, in first instance the responsible will receive a reminder after a few days. If the task remains open, then also the head of the department will be informed of this. The latter can then determine what the reason is of the non-execution of the task (sick person, on a long mission, has left the organization, ...) and take appropriate action.

If the decision is taken to shift the responsibilities to one (or several) other person(s), this can easily be implemented with the VB&T application. This working method ensures at all times the correct and timely implementation and monitoring of all necessary tasks and responsibilities within the department.

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