MobTop (Mobile and Desktop)

The Mobtop (which is short for mobile / desktop) is an application which in addition to Metis can be installed locally on a computer or a mobile device. With this application you are always logged into the system, as if it would be located on your site. Furthermore, it synchronizes the data periodically and always displays the most recent situation.

This application was designed to offer quick access to users that only work from 1 or 2 overall lists. An example of this can be found in the Task Manager . Users who only work with lists which provide an overview of their outstanding tasks, can easily use the MobTop. When a new task is created, this will be added to the list, and the user will receive a notification of this. The list is automatically synchronized with the online system, and thus always shows the latest state of affairs.

 In short, this application provides the following functions:

  • ¬†Automatic log-in
  • Overview of the required overviews
  • Notification of any change in the displayed data
  • Adjustment of data (eg closing of a task)
  • direct opening of an item in the list (double-click)

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