CRM / Invoicing

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides an answer to the question:

How do I get a clear overview regarding agreements made with customers, state of outstanding quotations, future sales expectations ...?

The Metis Platform contains standard features that allow you to quickly and easily receive an overview of the state of affairs regarding your customers. Since any communication with a customer (telephone, email, fax, meeting), can simply be inserted into the system, this provides you with an up-to-date status report at any time.

Combined with the CRM module, the Metis Platform also carries a standard invoicing module. This standard version allows you to track and document the entire sales process from your quote to the final payment. It monitors single sale products, repeat products, services offered and hours worked. The latter comes from the time registration of your personnel.

This module furthermore provides an overview of any projects in the pipeline, automatically generates custom invoices, and gives you an overview of the status of payments.

Building on this standard module, Flexisle can also develop a custom-made CRM / invoicing module, suited exactly to  your specific needs.

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