Waste Management

This case concerns a company in the food industry which generates several waste streams. All waste generated must be registered and reported, both internally and to the government.

Until recently, they used an ‘off the shelf' package, which is designed to offer each industrial sector with as many functionalities as possible related to environmental management.

Problem: Since the package would not easily allow specific adjustments, its use was very cumbersome and time consuming. The required reports could not be generated. Since nevertheless the internal business requirements regarding management, planning and reporting had to be complied with, the company was forced to keep a double administration using Excel files.

Solution suggested by Flexisle: Flexisle developed an application tailored to the requirements of the customer whereby the management of the actual operating system coincided with the internal procedures. Specifically, the solution  was to shift registrations from the source (where it is produced) to the collection point when leaving the establishment (where the waste is weighed).

Benefits for the customer:

  • Quick restart: by using already existing internal structures in an innovative way, this system was quickly accepted by the relevant parties
  • Complies with internal policies: by mapping out the processes of the company (unlike the previous packet), the internal structures could be used optimally, and the internal reports generated
  • Meets external regulation: by meeting the needs in a targeted way without unnecessary ballast, it becomes easier to generate the required reports (e.g. annual Environmental Report integral / IMJV report) for the authorities

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