Internal flow Management

This case concerns a company in the metal sector. This company had known a very rapid growth within a few years and had now more staff and more capacity (expansion machinery, etc.) than ever before. However, it now faced serious problems to allow for a timely evolution of its internal processes to be able to manage that rapid growth and the associated impacts.

Problem: Given the rapid and continuing growth of the company, it was very difficult for the company to first get all internal procedures organized before installing a comprehensive software system. Risks associated with this situation were therefore:

  • In-efficient business management because of the absence of customized software necessary to support both the planning and implementation, because of the need for continued evolution of the internal procedures
  • Inappropriate software system: since the company could not afford to first get all internal procedures sorted, the software system was out of sync.

Solution provided by Flexisle: based on the Metis platform, Flexisle provided the company at short notice with a software system that excels in flexibility and adapts to evolutions in the company. This system could immediately be put in place by the company without any conflict with existing processes. The company could therefore immediately start redefining internal procedures and could also apply the new system to improve those procedures (feedback through the system regarding the use of certain applications). The continued growth is further anticipated since rapid changes or new developments in the company can be introduced easily into the system.

The company immediately noticed the following benefits:

  • Fast and cost efficient approach to the acute problem
  • A¬†flexibility that allows easy and quick adaptation to the needs of the company
  • Feedback within the system speeds up the fine-tuning of internal procedures
  • A¬†sustainable long term solution anticipating future growth through adaptive management of the system

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