This client offers online safety and quality solutions to more than 80 customers in the form of the software package SQuare.

Problem: Different customers require modifications to the software package which was always executed the classic way, namely by adjusting the code. However, since these modifications were not ​​to be applied throughout the system (because they were only intended for a particular client), this working method created the following problems for this SME:

  • Cumbersome and lengthy testing procedures:
    a)    With every customer-specific modification, the stability of the entire system needed to be guaranteed
    b)    Through the multiple customer-specific modifications to the system, structuring the code of the system became increasingly difficult
  • Cost for the test procedures became very high: this cost could not be charged to the customer as most of the testing was related to the stability of the system which was not relevant for the individual customers

Solutions provided by Flexisle: Flexisle works via the Metis platform that provides a watertight wall that separates the software of the system ('the code') from the customer-specific functionalities.

Very specifically the solution provided by Flexisle meant the following for this client:

a) A customer-specific modification is now only executed within the file of that particular customer; this change can therefore no longer have any consequences for other customers or for the stability of the overall system.

b) Since the modification only needs to be tested for the base product of the particular customer, there is no need anymore for extensive testing of the entire system

The software company took immediate advantage of this:

  • Increased stability and continuity of the system
  • No lengthy and cumbersome testing procedures
  • No high cost (limited test procedures)

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