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A client needed to develop an online tool that would be uploaded onto an existing platform and its associated online database. This existing platform did not belong to the contractant of the client.
Due to troubles with the original platform provider, the client was suddenly denied access to the platform or the database halfway the project, but he was nevertheless still bound to his contractant to deliver this online tool within the agreed deadline.

 This customer was therefore confronted with a huge challenge:

  • Immense time pressure: the tool was to be online within only a few weeks;
    Classic development of a new platform and database with current CMS systems would be too time consuming and imply high costs;
  • Need for flexibility: not all the details and possible links of the new platform were already defined;
  • Importance of the cost: the customer was forced to develop something extra that was not foreseen in the budget and for which he would not receive additional compensation from his contractant.

Solution provided by Flexisle: Flexisle developed at short notice with Cloudnine.0 on its Metis platform a highly flexible system that could offer the same functionalities as the existing database that would be used initially. Furthermore, through Cloudnine.0, the platform of the customer could be finalized in a more cost and time efficient way than originally planned because the data upload could be done directly by the client with Excel tables.

Our client could deliver his contract in time because the Flexisle platform was supplied

  • at very short notice: the product was ready to go in just two weeks;
  • with high flexibility and ease of use: much data in the database can be customized by the user and the upload was much faster than planned;
  • and at a low cost: the efficient and rapid development based on an existing system (Metis/Cloudnine.0) and the direct involvement of the customer kept the cost low.

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