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About us


From our experience with software development in sectors such as telecommunications, banking and HSEQ, Flexisle was founded in 2008 with the aim of offering a flexible solution for information management without the complexity of software development. This solution provided by Flexisle therefore puts the emphasis on the development of the functionality of the requested application which makes the development of software for the users much more accessible as the actual writing of complex code becomes superfluous.

To this end, we developed the Metis platform, which features CloudNine.0, an intuitively built-in environment for the development of applications without programming.

A user-friendly, interactive and iterative process

In the traditional way of programming, the degree of detail in the final product depends heavily on the degree of detail provided by the customer at the start of the development process. As many specifications as possible should therefore be worked out by the customer before the software development and implementation can commence. This places high demands on the customer who in fact is expected to already take into account a number of variables without having a working system. The customer is therefore often left at the end of the process with an unsatisfied feeling: "It is and does exactly what I asked for, but it's not what I want."

Indeed, it is very difficult to conceptually work out something completely without a working basis and without knowledge of the possibilities. Through our existing platform Metis, Flexisle can assist customers to work out the application stepwise, adjusting and refining it as the product takes shape. In traditional programming, such an iterative process is costly because of adjustments to customize the code, database structures, interfaces, etc., but with the Metis platform, it is the most appropriate way.

Once the general lines of an application are clear, a functional prototype can be developed which can then easily be further customized. This can happen quickly and is often performed in real time with our customers. This working method gives the customer a much stronger contribution to and grip on the result, without the need for a detailed description already at the start. Building any functionality thus becomes much more straightforward and manageable for the customer.


Flexible and dynamic

Once a requested application is delivered by us, the customer can later integrate easily any changes and new features to accommodate new developments or processes within the existing software. This is made possible thanks to the intuitive model of CloudNine.0 on which the application is based, which no longer requires coding, changes in database structure or the development of new web services. CloudNine.0 makes creating and modifying the information systems as simple as creating a flowchart.

Naturally our clients can count on our continued support where necessary or desired and Flexisle can thus remain part of development projects if this suits the customer best. Using Metis and CloudNine.0, Flexisle can also perform the more complex developments as required, while the customer can execute the more straightforward tasks. This can provide extra support to the customer during periods of high activity but in itself increases the flexibility  and cost-efficiency of the system.

Fell free to contact us to see what Flexisle can do for your projects.

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